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Podcasts and Vodcasts can be useful educational tools, but not in every circumstance!

Whether you know how to podcast already or are looking for ideas on how to use podcasting in Science, this session will be for you to re-energise your use of assignments and bring your content, your curriculum and technology together in meaningful ways that allow you to exploit technology to engage learning.

For the teacher, podcasting and vodcasting offer a means of presentation that allows students to choose the time, place and pace of when they will listen, watch and learn.

For the student
, they offer a means of presentation and the re-framing of understanding for new challenges, new audiences and potentially very significant ways of communicating with a much larger world!

From “60 Second Science”, “Kitchen Science” and “Ask an Expert”, through to “Talking Science”, “Car of the Future (PBS)” or simply creating the opportunity for reporting on field trips, exploring experiments and predicting results, podcasting in either audio or video modes offers many different reporting genres that will allow students to combine the immediate excitement of scientific discovery with the demand for objective analysis and reflection.

Using your computer, access to the Internet, some freely available software and some relatively inexpensive hardware (e.g. microphones, mobile phones, mp3 recorders, still photography and a video camera) you can create for and with your students a record of their journey through science that is accessible, assessable and a great deal of fun!