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Google Academy

GoogleApps - Blending GoogleApps and iPad to Achieve Collaborative Learning
In this apps-on session, participants will have the opportunity to explore how to best take advantage of GoogleApps for Education on the Apple iPad. The fundamental question this session helps you answer is, "What is the workflow that makes interacting with GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive easy on an iPad?"

TCEA Campus Leaders Academy (Tuesday, 2/5/13; 10am-10:45am)

Models of Technology Integration

Facilitator(s): Dr. Roland Rios with Miguel Guhlin
You're conducting walk-throughs and formal observation and you see teachers using technology. But, are they using it effectively? Are students being engaged, and is the teacher transforming learning through integration? In this session, you'll learn about two models of technology integration (the TPACK Model and the SAMR Model) that will give you a theoretical (yet practical) framework to help guide discussion about tech integration.

Panel Presentation

Facilitator: Dr. Richard Smith
Panelists: Sam Farsaii (Irving ISD), Miguel Guhlin (East Central ISD), Tim Holt (El Paso ISD)
This panel of distinguished district-wide computer coordinators will discuss how the role of the computer coordinator is changing and has changed from the time the position was first established around 1982.  The panel will use their on-the-job experience to project into the future and describe what they believe will be the role of the computer coordinator in first decades of the 21st Century.  The members of panel will present their ideas on the type of training that 21st Century computer coordinators will need, political pitfalls to avoid, selecting and sustaining instructional technology, dealing with vendor and administrator pressure, dealing with depleted budgets, and building technology constituencies within school districts.