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June 22 Google Workshop

with Ed Bianchi  for  University of Southern New Hampshire  graduate course

This hands-on workshop will have you collaborating with other participants by collecting data using Google Forms; turning data into information using Google Spreadsheet; presenting the information using Google presentation, and writing a collaborative reflection using Google docs... and we have lots of fun doing it!!

Learning Task # 1:  Who are We

Fill out the  "Who Are We" survey. 

View the data and Let's introduce yourselves

        Introductions, PreAssessment, and Logistics using Google Forms.

C  Share additional information to introduction info 

        Lucie deLaBruere

Create a simple form pre-assessing participants knowledge about your teaching PASSION.
            (What is it that you could teach that would have your students eyes shining the way Ben Zander's students do)

Explore other examples of Forms being used in schools using GAFE

            Election Project
                (Polls to prepare for Mock Debate)
                (Exit Polls or Electronic Voting Both)
            Science Experiment (Consumer Product Data Collection)
            Formative Assessment  (Audience Response Systems)
            Learner's Needs Assessment  or  Pre Assessment
            Online Quizes and Gradebooks  (Teacher Tube Video  /  You Tube Video)
            Using Forms on I-Touch of I-Pod

Learning Tasks # 2 -  Sharing our Passion

A.  Locate a video on You Tube or Google Video  that relates to your teaching passion.
        (If these are blocked at your school - locate a photography online and website instead)
        (while you do this, Lucie will invite you to 'share" a collaborative slideshow using Google Presentation)

B. Create a slide in our SHARED PASSION slideshow that includes
        1)  Your first name
        2)  One sentence that shares what you would teach if you could teach anything you wanted to any group you could relating to your passion.
        3)  A video from You Tube or Google Video that relates to that passion
            (if blocked, include a photo  and website link)
        4)  A link to your LIVE Form preassessing other's knowledge about this topic.

C. Explore the passions of your peers  and take their preassessment survey.

D.  Explore resources and examples for using Google Presentation in Education
        Google Docs Help Files re: Google Presentation
        Google Presentation - You Tube Tutorial   (Teacher Tube version)
        Example:  Book Buddies

Learning Tasks # 3  Collaborative Data Collection - Using Google Spreadsheets

Log on to Google using the Username and password assigned to your table.

1.  Predict the most popular color of M&M's.
2.. Count your data (M&M package for each team)
3.  Assign a TEAM recorder - Team recorder should skip to instruction Number 5
3.  Create a blank spreadsheet that records the data using Google Docs.
4.  Add  a graph that visually represents the data.
5.  TEAM Recorder ONLY ( See instructor to get access to the class spreadsheet & Enter data in  the class spreadsheet  Graphing M&M)
6.  Observe the tally as everyone enters their data.
7.  Insert some of the other gadgets you can enter in your spreadsheet.
8.  Explore resources and examples for using Google Spreadsheets in Education

Learning Tasks # 4 - Google Sites

1.  Create your own Google Site
2.  Create a table of contents on your home page that includes
        Contact me (regular page that tells folks the best way to contact you)
Our Learning Journey (announcement type)
        Examples of Learning with Google (gadget type)
3.  Create a new page for contact information.  (use regular page type)
4.  Create Announcement type page (for daily class announcements or documentation of learning)
5.  Create a Gadget page  and add examples of what you learned today  as gadgets  or "other"  cool Google Gadgets.
      (discuss permissions to those documents)
Explore resources and Examples for using Google Sites in Education
    Examples of Google Sites  (example of  using a Google LIST page type in Google Sites)
    Lucie's Google Sites Tutorial Collection  (example of adding video, text, and delicious Gadget in Google Sites)
    Lucie's Google Sites Workshop Page (example of using advanced tables to add a little design element)
    Google Sites as Electronic Portfolio Tools    (Helen Barrett's work on E-portfolios)

More  and Even More Resources

Google Tools: http://www.google.com/intl/en/options/

Google in Education Resources: http://www.google.com/educators/tools.html

Google Teachers Academy Resources: http://sites.google.com/site/gtaresources/

Google Docs  Community Channel on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/googledocscommunity