Krish. Srikanth is an Author, therapist, coach, mentor, consultant, trainer and modeler. . His mission is to bring the best of cutting edge technologies in human growth & potential to India.


Both of Krish's parents are born deaf. So his first languge is sign language. That contributes to his unique perspective in life. Since both his parents left their homes to get married to each other because of caste, language and economic differences, he finds himself able to make friends easily with those who resonate with equality, kindness and goodness and at the same time unable to identify with any community.

Mrs.Y.G.Parthasarathy, the principal of PSBB schools gave Krish a scholarship for all of his school education on learning of his parents' condition and their desire to educate him. He owes most of his english and communication skills to the untiring efforts of his school teachers who took a special interest in him.

His father Mr.B.Krishnamurthy was an avid sportsperson and a leader for the deaf community for 30 years. He ensured that Krish actively contributed in community service, social work as an interpreter, facilitator and fundraiser. He handled most of his father's official correspondence and telephonic communication till his retirement.

Finding no major encouragement for humanities at his school, he started attending training programs while in school and later in college with various various Indian & International trainers all over the world in hypnotherapy, management, sales, marketing, finance, communication, people skills, accelerated learning technologies, neuro-linguistic programming, systemic thinking, empowerment, personal development, alternative technologies, sustainable development & healing.

In order to make money for attending training programs during school and college he did a variety of jobs including secretarial work, door to door sales, newspaper delivery, Interpreting services, market survey, tuitions, selling training programs and student counseling. While working with IMRB he pulled of a research survey in the impenetrable Kalpakkam Nuclear power plant.


He started his career by setting up the Chennai branch of Use Time, a time management training organization specializing in both in-house and open-house workshops. Later he became the director of Evolution & Development Training India, a subsidiary of a French Training Organisation Evolution & Développement as its director in India, while he was doing his second year in college under graduation.

Marketing Head World School, a training organization in Bombay the highest net profit earning company in the training industry for the years 1997 & 1998.

Head of Training - Sify Iways, India's largest internet company at that time and part of the team that increased the cybercafe chain from 600 to 2500 all over India.

Head of Training(Soft Skills) - Hexaware technologies, part of the team that built HexaVaristy the corporate university for all their 3050 employees.

Former crimefighter

For a brief time during the turn of the last century Krish was an ardent crime fighter busting piracy rackets all over India for the Motion Picture Association of America. His records in cleaning the industry have not been paralleled yet by any another associate in any other country including the U.S where it is a federal offence. He also worked as a paralegal consultant building cases against individual and companies that infringed on other's copyrights, trademarks and patents.

NLP Modeler

For the last 19 years, Krish has been studying NLP and is an

accomplished NLP Modeler – with the ability to study geniuses & transfer those skills to

others in a fast paced mode. He was personally mentored in this field by Dr.John Grinder, the co-founder of NLP for a couple of years.He makes it a point to learn new skills through modeling and transfer it to others

Modeling Projects done in the past include

1. Language Learning - First Fluency

2. Turning Loss making companies around

3. Skeet Shooting Coaching

4. Accelerated Learning

5. Stock Market Trading

Business family mentor

As a business family mentor, Krish has helped several business families in creating their governance constitutions, sorted family issues over properties/companies, fostered deeper relationships with family members and mentored young turks to take on the reins of leadership in some of the largest business families in India and UK. Visit this page to know more.

Spiritual Advisor

Krish works as a spiritual advisor with the Association of Spiritual Integrity, a worldwide association to foster integrity and accountability with spiritual leaders, therapists and coaches. As a global traveler with 30 years of experience in spirituality, therapy, corporate training, new age teaching & publication he has developed the expertise to detect teachers who have fallen from grace and are blind to their shadow, institutions that have become cults or beginning to, and in prosecuting conmen & charlatans. He shares his knowledge and expertise with spiritual teachers and aspirants to save their time and effort on the spiritual path.

Business Consultant

He has consulted with several of the organisations that were owned by the business families that he has been a mentor with. He has been called in to study unique problems and provide solutions in companies and teams. He also guides several organisations in their learning & development goals. Currently he is working with organisations to bring in a culture of consciousness & integrity through training, coaching & systems implementation.

Mental Fitness Coach

He has trained Naveen Jindal, the M.D of Jindal Steel , Rajyavardhan Rathore, Olympic silver medallist apart from cricketers such as Dinesh Karthik, Robin Uthappa, Sreesanth, Munaf Patel & R.P.Singh. He was instrumental in supporting Col.Rathore to win the Asian Bronze medal in 2006 at Doha.


He does brief therapy and has a clinical practice that supports people with addictions, compulsions phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, allergies, grief resolution, midlife crisis, PTSD, self esteem issues, cult survivors, survivors of abuse & other psychosomatic ailments. He also does counselling for couples and is trained to work with the LGBTQ community.

Visiting Faculty

He has served as a visiting faculty to premier institutes in India having taughtboth international communication in IIM-B & Accelerated Learning skills in XLRI,Jamshedpur.


He has been supporting authors to convert their books to Kindle/ebook version and so far has converted 9 books in the field of NLP to the ebook version. He continues to look for rare manuscripts and ensure that they are available in ebook version for posterity.

He is an author of one book TI-90, a system of learning touch typing in less than an hour apart from working on three other books currently.

  1. Navigating your Inner Maps

  2. Pre-Marital Counselling

Clients served in the past

Software Companies

Philips software Ltd

Jindal Steel and Power

Infoview Technologies, Tokyo

HCL Technologies

CTS, Zurich

CTS, Amsterdam

Hexaware Technologies

Kumaran Software


Jindal Steel & Power

John Deere India

Nourish Organics

Art D Inox

Tupperware India Ltd

LG, Dubai

Uniphos Ltd.

Miensok Kunstofftechnik, Manheim

Satchidanand Stencils


RK Foodland

Newgen Knowledge Works Pvt. Ltd.

Global Publishing Solutions Ltd

Thomson Reuters, Kuala Lumpur

Capgemini India

Hammock holidays

Hinduja Hospital

Credit Suisse Bank, Zurich

Standard Chartered Bank



MRF Pace Foundation

Britannia Amritraj Tennis Academy

Stuttgart University Handball Team


Indian institute of Management, Bangalore

XLRI, Jamshedpur

Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai

Annamalai University

Coimbatore Institute of Technology

IIT, Chennai

Madras School of Social work


Philips software Ltd

Infoview Technologies, Tokyo

HCL Technologies

CTS, Swtizerland

CTS, Amsterdam

Hexaware Technologies

Kumaran Software


Indian institute of Management Bangalore

XLRI Jamshedpur

Great Lakes Institute of Management

Annamalai University

Coimbatore Institute of Technology

IIT Madras


Young Presidents Organisation, Delhi

Entrepreneurs' Organisation, Jaipur

Young Executives Organsiation, Delhi

Madras Management Association



Rajasthan Youth Association

Sindhi Chamber of Commerce


Teaching Modalities

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming - Autogenic Metaphor Therapy, Core Transformation, Wholeness, Timeline Therapy, Transforming your Self, NLP-K

  • Accelerated Learning - Brain Gym, Accelerated Reading, Sleep Learning, Direct Learning, Mind Mapping

  • Energy Psychology - EFT, BSFF, EmoTrance, Reality Transurfing, Emotion Code, Life Energy, NLP-K, Phyllis Krystal Method, Ho'oponopono

  • Therapeutic methods - Transaction Analysis,Provocative Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Eye Movement Integration, Metaphors, Clean Language,Focusing, Radical Honesty, Hypnotherapy, Past life Regression

  • Inquiry - Work of Byron Katie, DeMartini Method

  • Profiling - LAB Profile, Grinder’s Non-verbal Profiling, Wealth Profiling, Metaphor Profiling

  • Spiritual Process- 12 Steps, ACIM, Radical Forgiveness, Core Transformation, Wholeness, Anna Wise Protocol, Michael Lincoln Dictionaries

  • Skills: Public Speaking, Negotiation, Typing, Sales, Communication, Decluttering