Business Families Consulting

Business Families Consulting

I have extended my services to several business families in India and a few royal and political families. The range of work that I do with them includes:

  • Creating Governance models - A system of communication, decision making that takes interests of all family members including children and ensures avoidance of inter-branch and inter-generational conflicts.

  • Protection of the Family & Business Assets - Structured planning to ensure that the assets of the family invested in the business and outside of business apart from the interests of stakeholders are protected against risk, conflict and creative family members.

  • Growth of business/family assets - I have supported families to leverage on their wealth to build greater wealth and invest wisely for the future including diversification of existing portfolios.

  • Handling major crises in businesses & families as an intervention specialist - Prevention of Escalation to legal courses while dealing with Hostile Takeovers, Painful Mergers, Relationship Breakdowns, Character Assassination(Press & Social Media)

  • Mentoring of next generation leaders with skill-sets to take on the markets & challenges of the 21st century

  • Board Advisor of companies to provide year round counsel.

  • Negotiatior - On the negotiation team of the company for mergers or takeovers or with the legal team, bring profiling and negotiation strategies to the table.

  • As a spiritual guide & counselor during tough times and in times of guidance.

  • Covert coaching & aligning difficult family members

Most families who express interest agree that there is a short period of time where both parties take time to ascertain the suitability & matching of family to consultant and this usually happens with a short term assignment after which only then a commitment can be made to work with the business family long term.

You may kindly email me to start a discussion to see how best I can serve your family.

Some of the Business Families that have consulted with me are below:

  • Jindal Steel

  • Hinduja

  • Modi Enterprises

  • JSW

  • Khaitan Fans

  • Jindal Aluminium

  • Apollo Hospitals

  • KGK Group

  • RK Hospitality

  • Om Metals

  • Monnet Ispat

  • KK Logistics

  • TCPL

  • Paras

  • Pride Builders

  • RST Mining

  • Provogue

  • Marda Universal

  • Ovolo

  • Sunman