Therapist - Coach - Consultant -Trainer - Modeler

Welcome to my website

I work as a therapist, coach, business consultant, trainer and modeler.

Warren Buffet says that, "The safest investment in the world is the investment that you make on yourself"; namely through education, since nobody can take that from you. I have taken that to heart a long time ago and apart from a busy work schedule, I ensure that at least 2 months in a year is spent on continuing education.

I have had the unique privilege of working with all kinds of groups including Politicians, Business families, Bureaucrats, Doctors, Psychologists, Corporate executives, Factory workers, Students, Sportspersons, Slum dwellers, Recovering addicts. And with every opportunity I have found that I have learnt more while sharing and teaching with them.

I have always believed the pursuit of life is about Mastery & Excellence and in the pursuit of that I found one needs to keep on gathering tools & skills to add on to the tool belt. One tool doesn't fit all problems and we need to have a variety of tools in our tool belt to handle that life has to offer and go after the goals we intend making a reality in our lives.

You can look at the tools and skills that I have learnt here and the list of my mentors who have trained me here.

I have been consistently interested and studying brief therapy methods from various skilled practitioners that I am most thrilled to use to bring immediate resolution to places where it is possible, not every issue can be resolved immediately, but there is quite a significant set of issues that can be handled with brief therapy.

As an NLP Modeler, I am equipped to study with geniuses and transfer their skills & talents to others in a short span of time. To understand how NLP Modeling works watch the video of my TEDx talk below.

As a spiritual student I have trained & studied with various teachers and bring spiritual direction and consciousness even to the most commercial of transactions that we undergo in our lives. I am known for my pioneering work with 12 step groups and A Course in Miracles in India.