The other “with”

-li (4) (stressed)


It has the meaning of: something “with” something in it. Often it expresses a smaller amount/size of something added to or contained in something of a larger amount/size. It produces an adjective from a noun: noun + li(4) --> adjective



  • patatesli köfte: meatballs with potato (more meatballs than potato)
  • köfteli patates: potato with meatballs (more potato than meatball), meatballed potato
  • içkili yemek: meal with drink(s)
  • balıklı göl: lake with fish (in it)
  • süslü: with adornments, adorned


This suffix is sometimes expressed by an “-ed” in English where the part before the “-ed” is a noun instead of a verb:

  • çiçekli elbise: flowered dress (dress with flower design
  • three cornered hat: üç köşeli şapka