Suffix of the owner ("of")

In the construction “house's door": house is the owner, door is the owned.


Suffix: -(n)in (4) (stressed)


Conjugation letter: n (if the word doesn't end in a consonant)


The single exception:

  • su = water
  • suyun = of water ("y” used instead of “n")



  • ev = house, evin = of the house
  • ka = door, kapının = of the door
  • çiçek = flower, çiçeğin = of the flower (k softens)
  • ağaç = tree, ağacın = of the tree (ç softens)


Exception: Words of foreign origin ending in b/c/d are hardened to end in p/ç/t, because b/c/d normally cannot end a word in Turkish. However, when a suffix is added, these letters do not end the word any longer, so they are often softened back to the original form. Examples:

  • kitap = book, kitabın = of the book
  • çorap = sock, çorabın = of the sock
  • şarap = wine, şarabın = of the wine
  • Ahmet (boy's name), written: Ahmet'in = of Ahmet, read: Ahmedin (proper nouns like the name of a person or a company are written without a change, but are read with the change).