Suffix of question

"Suffix": mi (4) (not stressed)



  • buradayım = i'm here, burada mıyım? = am i here?
  • (or: buradayım = i'm here, burada mıyım? = am i here?)

görüşeceğiz = we will meet each other, görüşecek miyiz? = will we meet each other?


This “suffix” is always written as a separate word, and not as a suffix. In this aspect it looks like a word and not a suffix. Still, one of the four forms is selected according to the vowel harmonies, just like other suffixes. For this reason it should have been appended like a suffix, but it is written separately in order to distinguish it from some other suffixes: eg: atımı gördü (he saw my horse), atı mı gördü? (did his horse saw it?).


Its use will be described further with each particular tense or modal verb in the following sections.

Abant Gölü, northern Turkey