Stress in a sentence

In a sentence (or in a phrase), normally only one of the words will have the stress, indicating the focus of the sentence. The word with stress is often placed immediately before the verb.


Yesterday the door of my car was broken:

  • Dün arabamın kapı kırıldı (the door, not the window)
  • Arabamın kapısı dün kırıldı (it was yesterday, not today)
  • Dün arabamın kapısı kırıldı (of the car, and not the door of something else)
  • Dün benim arabamin kapısı kırıldı (mine, and not someone else's). Note that in this case we do not drop the normally redundant “benim" (mine).
  • Dün arabamın kapısı kırıl (it was broken, not scratched)


Sometimes multiple words may share the stress, such as:

  • Paris'e de, Londra'ya da gittim: I've been to both Paris and London.