Nouns and adjective repetition

Two nouns or two adjectives can be used together, without a preposition etc between them, in a way not used in English. This is more common in non-formal language.


Adjective repetition usually gives the adverb meaning (-ly).





noun1 noun1

at the time of ...

sabah sabah = in the morning.

gece gece = at night.

noun1 noun1

a sequence of, one after the other

sokak sokak = street after street.

adım adım = step by step.

bardak bardak = one glass after another.

noun1 noun2


gece gündüz = night and day.

adjective1 adjective1


yavaş yavaş = slowly.

sık sık = frequently.

salak salak = stupidly.

çayını sıcak sıcak iç = drink your tea warmly (while it is still warm).

aç aç gitti (he went hungrily).

adjective1 adjective1

a sequence/row/lot of, one after the other

sarı sarı elmalar = a sequence/lot of yellow apples.

uzun uzun kavaklar = a row of trees.

tuhaf tuhaf bana baktı = he looked at me strangely.

adjective1 adjective2


sarı kırmızı = yellow and red (eg: flag)

siyah beyaz tv = black and white tv.

Note that in many occasions “and” is dropped in Turkish.

sağa sola baktı = he looked right and left.