Negation: word and suffixes for “not"

With the verb “to be", the following word is used to express “not":

  • değil (first syllable stressed)



  • Türküm = i am Turkish,
  • Türk değilim = i am not Turkish.
  • buradasın = you are here.
  • burada değilsin = you are not here.
  • (o) benim = it is mine. (note that “o” is usually dropped, except for stress)
  • (o) benim değil = it is not mine.


With all other tenses and modal verbs, the following suffix is normally used:

  • -m(e) (2) (not stressed, except with the "tense of always”): the vowel is dropped when followed by another suffix starting with a vowel; stress is normally on the syllable in front of this suffix.




otur = sit

oturma = don't sit

otururum = i sit

oturmam = i don't sit (tense of always - stressed)

oturuyorum = i am sitting

oturmuyorum = i am not sitting

oturacağım = i will sit

oturmayacağım = i won't sit

oturmuşum = (it's told that) i sat


oturdum = i sat

oturmadım = i didn't sit



  • With all tenses above, except present tense (i sit, i don't sit) given in green, “-me” is not stressed, but the stress is on the syllable immediately in front of “-me".


The use of the negation word and suffixes are described further with the particular tense or modal verb in sections below.