Some important properties of the Turkish language:

  • It is a very regular language, there are very few exceptions to the grammatical rules. For instance, all verb declinations are regular (unlike English: go/went/gone, or worse in French). However, there are many words of foreign origin in Turkish, and these often diverge from some of the rules.
  • It is not related to Germanic or Latin languages, though it contains many words like: problem, telefon, televizyon, trafik.
  • Most prepositions, tenses and other language structures are expressed by suffixes instead of prefixes or separate words.
  • Formally the verb is placed at the end of the sentence. However, in informal speech the constituents of the sentence (subject, object, verb, etc.) can be freely placed anywhere in the sentence (similar to, but more freely than, in German for instance) especially for changing the stress/focus of the sentence.

Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Turkey