There is no word for “and” in pure Turkish as such. However, the foreign origin word “ve” have become very much a part of the contemprorary Turkish, significantly more so in written/formal language.



§         ben ve sen = you and i

§         kedi ve köpek = cat and dog

§         araba ve kapısı = car and its door


In spoken language, “ve” is less often used. Instead, “too", “with", and sometimes nothing is used, as described in the following sections.


All 4 forms for “and”, all meaning “cat and dog":


word or suffix


literal translation


kedi ve köpek

cat and dog

-le (2), ile

kedi ile köpek (separate word form)

kediyle köpek (suffix form)

dog with cat

-de (2)

kedi de köpek de

cat too, dog too


kedi köpek

cat dog


Note: “-le (2)” can mean “and” as well as “with”.