1. How Do You Learn?

Before you travel this "learning to learn" path, consider your learning to date with the questions below. Copy each question into your online or offline journal, and write down your reflections.  We'll talk about these reflections as we "learn to learn" together. 

Think about the last thing you learned about?  How did you learn it? 

What learning in your past has made you proud, and what learning has discouraged you?

What is easy for you to learn?  What learning challenges you?

How often do you learn? Hourly? Daily? Weekly?

What do you want to learn?  

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Our school system's  mission supports all learners:
District Mission Statement
Personal and civic responsibility, love of learning, and empathy for others: these are the qualities that the Wayland Public Schools seek to instill in its students. At its core, our mission is to provide a rigorous and stimulating academic environment that promotes the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Yet we deem it equally important to nurture self-confident, collaborative, and conscientious individuals. We strive to create a climate where risk-taking is safeguarded, open expression is encouraged, and free association is protected. Our goal is to advance our students' growth into principled, informed, and capable citizens who will help guide a democracy that follows humanitarian principles in the global forum, and shape a just society where individuals may reach their full potential.