3rd: Magma Opus

Magma Opus Months and Days

Currently under construction. At the moment, Cooking is done and I am  working on Language

Composition=Parts of a story; Writing Effective Sentences
Literature=Folk Tales, Tall Tales, Myths, and Legends; Little House on the Prairie; Harry Potter; A Christmas Carol; Cheaper by the Dozen
Science=Earth Science (Meteorology and Astronomy, Geology, Paleontology, Oceanography)
History=Local and State History
Social Studies=Living in Society
Music=Music Appreciation
Art=The Vocabulary of Art (Media, Techniques, and Artists); start a virtual art collection (snipping tool plus attribution)
Language=American Sign Language

The Full Spreadsheet of links (plus extras that didn't make it into the curriculum!) can be found here

Note: Columns that are white are under construction still. 

Third/Magma Opus