Goals and Impact

Learning Lights seeks to educate communities in developing countries about the potential of solar technology with a program that allows students to discover their own ability to invent and create achievable, low-cost approaches. Our goals include:

  • Educating students in the U.S. and Kenya about the technology, use and benefits of solar power.
  • Speaking at community and educational events throughout the year to inform the public about energy needs in Kenya and support efforts to increase knowledge of solar power at home and abroad.
  • Supporting Learning Lights through the sale of solar kits during speaking events and online via the Learning Lights website.
  • Encouraging ongoing learning and communication (forums, blogging) via the Learning Lights web site.
  • Increasing recognition of the Learning Lights brand through distribution of collateral items.
  • Expanding the invention of solar technologies by encouraging students to experiment with creating new solar devices.
  • Empowering rural communities to make sustainable energy choices.

Learning Lights has potential for delivering a high impact, low cost, and scalable education and energy solution in developing countries, as well as promote solar education in the United States.  Furthermore, by facilitating collaborative science, Learning Lights aims to be a game changer in accelerating the pace of innovative solutions to community problems.