About the Founders

 Alma Lorraine Bone Constable and Mike Greenberg met in 2010 at Bainbridge Graduate Institute while working on their MBAs in Sustainable Business Development. They worked together for one quarter of accounting and two quarters of entrepreneurship.  Alma and Mike work well together in high stress situations and know when to press harder and when to take a break, laugh at themselves and then come back with fresh outlooks and solve the challenges.

They both share a passion for international development and finding community-based solutions to problems.  Both have worked in Africa: Mike in Niger with the Peace Corps; Alma in Kenya with Cultural Reconnection (http://www.aakewo.com).

The initial idea for Learning Lights was a result of Alma’s work in Kenya, where communities were asking for low cost, healthy ways to light their homes at night.  Solar was thought to be too expensive.  She began to wonder what would happen if solar literacy was a goal in primary education. What types of solutions could a nation of children growing with knowledge to fulfill their own power needs create? Think of what a generation of “kids” growing up with computer knowledge and access to computers has created in the United States of America.

When Mike was introduced to the idea, he immediately saw the implications for other countries in Africa and around the world. Countries that have the tools to create their own power solutions can change their impact on the world through better educational opportunities and small enterprise development to create jobs.

Mike and Alma's passions and their experience together on teams while in school creates an energized team with the skill to build Learning Lights into a profitable social enterprise.

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