The Learning Glass Across the UCs

The version of the Learning Glass adopted across the UCs was initially developed at San Diego State University (SDSU) by Dr. Matt Anderson and first built by Dr. James Frazee’s group at Instructional Technology Services at SDSU. Simultaneously, Michael Peshkin was developing his "Lightboard" at Northwestern University. The University of California, San Diego was the first of the UC Campuses to build a Learning Glass, and several more followed. Colleges and Universities across the US are implementing different versions of this technology.

UC LG Implementation Timeline


It was really helpful to see the mechanisms as you drew them out and… I really like that they were divided into short increments.

(I) liked that you can write in different colors because it is very easy to see differences and patterns, especially in things like the mechs where there are a lot of arrows, which can get confusing using only one color.

-student, Chemistry


"I definitely believe that this [format] is original and attractive."

-student, Principles of Microeconomics


“Loved the transparent white board design.”

-student, Principles of Microeconomics


“The videos are a great tool for students to understand the material. Keep doing it!”

-student, Market Imperfections and Policy

"I loved it. I know the video is going to be helpful study material before the midterm. I took notes during
the whole thing. It was clear and incredibly easy to understand."

-student, Elementary Italian
 "I think this video was super helpful, felt as if we were in class except I can pause and reread something! Thank you."

-student, Elementary Italian

“I love the videos; I think they were very instrumental in saving some time in class explaining these concepts and we could go back and watch them if we were confused about the subject.”

-student, Principles of Microeconomics