This site tries to share learning done while trying to setup an environment to develop a project using STM32F103RET ARM Cortex-M3, a 64-pin LQFP64 package using free tools. This is a "High Density Device" with 512K flash and 64K RAM. Program download and debugging would only be done using serial port.

The learning was started from using the target board and sample program workspace found in
Alpha centre's website (select stm32 ...). The sample workspace has many functions created for the centre's robotic projects. However, this tutorial intends to let user create a brand new workspace with minimal files and progress to more advanced features.

These are used
- Target STM32F103RE Hardware used is a simple board developed by Alpha Centre of Ngee Ann Polytechnic
- MinGW (GNU compiler for Windows, it is used to test the initial Eclipse development environment)
- Eclipse C/C++ Developer (Helios SR2)
- Sourcery G++ Lite compiler for ARM EABI (A GNU compiler for ARM)
- Eclipse GNU ARM Plugin
- STM32 STM32F10x Standard Peripheral Library

Useful Resources
ST Resources on STM32
Specific to STM32F103RE http://www.st.com/internet/mcu/product/164485.jsp

A useful Book (If you need to know Cortex-M3 architecture. It is not necessary for this tutorial.):
The Definitive Guide to the ARM Cortex-M3, Second Edition (2010)

by Joseph Yiu

An excellent guide on STM32 from Hitex is found here

Also refer to the standard peripheral library help file ...\STM32F10x_StdPeriph_Lib_V3.5.0\stm32f10x_stdperiph_lib_um.chm

Anybody wants to contribute based on the flow of this tutorial, you are welcome to join.

Feedback can be sent to wss@np.edu.sg