About LDN

LDN Members @ Literacy Walk
        Learning Difference Network is a parent and educator group that began in Verona, Wisconsin and continues to serve Greater Madison, Dane County, and surrounding counties.  Our purpose is to connect parents and teachers who provide support to children that learn differently.  Many of the adults who have attended meetings or joined the email group have family members or students that face challenges in reading, writing, math, organization, and/or attention.  Parents are able to network and learn about advocacy, specific types of learning problems, and the joys and challenges of supporting these amazing kids.   

        Parents of children who struggle tend to experience a great deal of uncertainty.  This is especially difficult when parents first begin the journey of seeking a free and appropriate public education for a child with learning challenges.  Teachers who help our kids all always welcome and often have a unique perspective on managing specific challenges.

Wisconsin Dyslexia Awareness
Proclamation Signing 
with Governor Doyle

LDN Members/Advocates 
Front left to right: (Marcos Allen, Governor Doyle).  Back left to right: (Attorney Jeff Spitzer-Resnick of Disability Rights Wisconsin, Leni Guzman, Celena Allen, Lori Ripp, Radley Ripp, Representative Keith Ripp, 47th Assembly District).