7. Oxford Nov 2017

LDCIN#7: University of Oxford. Nov 24th 2017.

Theme - curriculum design.

10.00 Introduction: Liz Masterman. University of Oxford (slides)

Introduction to the LD Network: Simon Walker - Head of Educational Development. University of Greenwich (slides)

10.10 Updates from Australia (online)

  • Eva Dobozy - Associate Professor, Curtin University, Perth (slides)
  • Matt Bower - Associate Professor, Macquarie University, Sydney (slides)

10.25 Supporting the effective design of technology enhanced curricula: Gill Ferrell (Jisc) (slides and padlet)

An active session looking at what factors are important in supporting good learning design and how these elements interrelate.

11.40 Learning Gain and curriculum design: Helen King - Senior Higher Education Policy Adviser, Learning and Teaching (HEFCE) (slides and notes from activity)

Helen explains what learning gain is, highlights opportunities and challenges emerging from Hefce-funded projects into learning gain, then makes connections with Learning Design and learning analytics.

13.30 Plans for Learning Design at Oxford: Liz Masterman (slides)

13.40 Learning Design at the Open University: Katharine Reedy (slides)

Katharine provides an update on how Learning Design has developed following the OU Learning Design Initiative project, and how it is being integrated into business as usual.

14.25 Learning analytics to inform Learning Design: Patrick Lynch and Sue Watling - Technology Enhanced Learning Advisers, University of Hull (slides).

This presentation will explore the statement “Arguably then learning design needs learning analytics in order to validate itself. However it also works the other way: learning analytics cannot be used effectively without an understanding of the underlying learning design, including why the particular tools, activities and content were selected and how they were deployed“ Sclater (2017).

The event was broadcast using adobe connect. A recording of some of the sessions can be found here.

Please add your take-away(s) from the day, and your suggestions for the future, to the padlet at http://bit.ly/LDCIN07