The Art and Science of Learning Craft  

  Methodical Learner


My father has got a rare, ideal and methodical learning style and habit. He did his post graduation from Andhra University.

He was a bright student and from seventh class to Post Graduation, for eleven long years, he adhered to specific study hours i.e. 4 hours a day, two hours in the morning and two in the night.(6.30-8-30am and 7 -9 pm)

He never spent a hour more, nor an hour less on any day on studies during this period. Even on festival days he struck to this schedule.

The day before the examination too, he never spent an hour more on studies. From the day the last exam is completed itself, he used to start studying for the next class. With the exception of few days, he was on tour or was ill, whether it is a holiday or is the day before exam his study hours were the same.

In the first four to five months in an academic year he used to completely learn the syllabus of that year. Nevertheless he used to spend studying the subjects as per the schedule.

One may be critical as to, Whether or not this is ideal way of studying, but it is to be appreciated that this sort of planned study makes learning tension free.

He once said, while noting down the examination time table, he used to be concerned only as to the dates and not the subjects. Even the day before the examination of a subject, he used to read all the subjects as per the schedule.

Further, he never utilized the choice given, i.e. if he was asked to answer 5 questions out of eight, always he would answer first five questions. For, he never ever guessed, studied all text books, cover to cover, thoroughly and could have written all the questions equally well.