The Art and Science of Learning Craft  



Vivekananda, the great Indian monk, memorized 10 volumes of encyclopedia Britannica in a very few days. On being queried by his disciple Sharatchandra Chakravarti, Swamiji answered many questions on difficult and varied topics/subjects, from different volumes. Swami Vivekananda's replies were not only correct, but in many instances he quoted the very language of the books!



Ramon compayo of Spain, in the world memory Olympiad, could memorize 23,200 random words in 72 hours.  He broke more than 60 world records over the past 5 years. He has an IQ of 194 points and is a member of  MENSA(An international society for people with high IQ) . His reading speed is higher than 2500 words / min, more than 10 times that of a college student.


 For the past 10 years,Sean Adam has been the world's speed reading champion. He could read at a rate of 3,850 words per minute(the average 300 page book in 24 minutes). His world records for mental achievement are published in the Book of Genius-London and Electroencephalographic Mental World Records – Switzerland. 

Sean Adams developed the system of "Alpha Learning". 


John Von Neumann was a Hungarian-American mathematician.He had an amazing memory and could recall verbatim complex articles and books that he had read just once.

The mathematician Jean Dieudonne called Von Neumann "the last of the great mathematicians", while Peter Lax described him as possessing the most "fearsome technical prowess" and "scintillating intellect" of the century.


Laurence Kim Peek is an American autistic savant. He had a photographic or eidetic memory. From the age of 16–20 months Kim was able to memorize everything he had seen or read. He read books, memorized them, and then placed them upside down on the shelf to show that he had finished reading them. It is believed he could recall the content of at least 12,000 books from memory. He was the inspiration for the character of Raymond Babbitt, played by Dustin Hoffman, in the movie Rain Man.


A. C. Aitken, is a great mental calculator. He was a professor and a fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal society of London.He knew the 1000 digits of π,the 96 recurring digits of 1/97,and memorized many books while in school.

Wim Klein of Netherlands, is the record holder for extracting 13th root of a 100 digit, randomly generated number in 28 seconds.

        A. C.Aitken                                                         William Klein  

Both could instantly multiply two 5 digit numbers and do huge calculations mentally with amazing speed.

The above mentioned are some of the few people, who mastered the art of learning.

Their prodigious ability to learn and their remarkable computational skills are described.Their methods are investigated and explained in appropriate sections of this work.

Are these a few lucky individuals who were selectively endowed with phenomenal mental faculties by the divine nature? 

Perhaps not !                                                              Shass Pollak