The Art and Science of Learning Craft  


How to get 100% marks in any exam

Hitherto in the discussion on learning bases I wrote

"While investigating learning biases, before writing this page, I asked many students, 3 months before the exams, this question. I took a subject having 15 chapters and asked them;

As 3/4th of academic year is completed, how many of these  15 chapters you learned completely, that you can write the exam with out referring to the text book again ?  None could say they could write one, with out looking up again, the text book".

This  is the result of the faulty approach in learning a subject almost all the students adopt. We try to learn  entire subject as a whole, as a single unit.

Though we do possess vast memory, the amount of information we can process and register in our long term memory at one time is very limited (see Short term memory).
We bite at at time only as much as we can chew; we do not apply same strategy when it comes to learning. We try to learn too much in too short a period and end up, not learning any thing.

We read a chapter, go to the next and so on. By the time we return back to the first chapter, what ever we have learned in our first reading is forgotten. In effect we start learning afresh.

My son, when h is in 10th class asked me, how to prepare for his Maths exam. I suggested him an approach and we together analyzed  the model paper and the syllabus and listed out the following 1. There will be a question on theorems (5 marks) they have 12 theorems in their syllabus. 2. 15 marks in statistics section 5 marks for drawing a bar / pi diagram 5 marks for measures of central tendency( i.e mean,median or mode) and 5 marks for plotting a graph. Likewise we divided the total subject in to several tasks.

I advised him to take a task and completely learn it to perfection and never to go to the next task till he completes that one.

The advantage of this is that ones he completes the two tasks in the example, he can be sure of getting 20 marks and there after he need only to learn/ prepare for 80% of the subject. Otherwise as discussed in the beginning, on the first day of the year he is in need of learning all the tasks; so also on the day before the exam.