The Art and Science of Learning Craft  

  Cocktail Party Effect - 2

To use these filters we need to have our needs defined/ we need to know what we are looking for, To illustrate the point the pictures used hitherto are revisited.

This image is a carrier & Ives litho graph known as the (look at the image for 1 minute)

There are many hidden images of animals and many faces of persons that puzzle the fox.

There is a lamb, wolf and prominently at the centre, a horse. It is said there are around 32 hidden images in the picture.

When we first see the image, we seldom notice anything special in it.

when we see the caption i.e. puzzled fox, we start looking for faces and animals hidden. We may notice a few and stop looking further.

when we know that there is a horse, we start looking for it and stop looking.

when it is said there are 32 hidden images we start looking again.

The image of Queen Victoria is hidden in this picture.
The image of Washington is hidden in this.

                                                                                       Judgments of Learning