The Art and Science of Learning Craft  


We have seen hitherto, the examples of people with extraordinary mental faculties who excelled in learning.

On the other hand, millions of students toil, all year long, to learn their text books consisting of a few hundred pages of reading material. Some of them fail completely, and many others fail to attain anticipated grades. It is indeed the inability to learn,which is the single most prevalent cause of teen despair and anguish.

Children are sent to schools, without  being taught the basic skills that are required to learn. As a result, many students struggle with academics.

Hereunder is an excerpt from the blog

" Educators in India are worried over an increasing figure - that of the rising suicide rate among adolescents. Its main cause? The pressure to do well in school, said a Times of India (TOI) report. And the pressure is not from teachers but from parents,the report added.

India has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and recent studies suggest about 40 percent are adolescents. At least 125 people aged 29 years or below are committing suicide every day and 51 per cent of the total suicide victims are graduates, college students or younger.

In several cases, students commit suicide after failing exams, according to local newspaper reports. In Mumbai alone, 25 students have taken their lives since beginning of the year, leaving parents, teachers and officials struggling to understand the reason behind the deaths."

Human race, albeit making phenomenal progress in developing many a science, could not come up with a complete system/ science that enables the student to learn.

It is ironical, we could make an inanimate, lifeless and an inert piece of silicon chip to store, memorize and retrieve information.

We could even develop Artificial intelligence Bots such as Jeeney and Kari, which could learn new things and increase their knowledge base. 


Yet, we have not been able to teach the most beautiful and amazing machine of all, the human brain, to learn. 

To fill this abyss, this work is contemplated.

It is the endeavor to compile and present in one place, all the theories, learning aids and educational software's, that enhance learning acumen. To develop a computer aided, software based, complete and comprehensive system of learning.


The Art and Science of Learning Craft

We see that some individuals excel in studies and some do not, why?

Generally three reasons were given for this :

1. All people are not equally intelligent, and some can memorize/ learn things better than others.

2. People use different methods to memorize and learn, and their success is dependent on the method employed.

3. Success depends on the quantum of effort applied and the time spent on studies.

Before dealing with the real reason that determines one’s success or failure in studies, let us first study and negate the above apparent reasons.

To appreciate the fact that the benevolent mother nature has endowed all human beings equally with Inner intelligence (subconscious intelligence) and Conscious intelligence, the concepts of Hidden Observer, Perceptual Adaptation, Tabula rasa and Fluid and crystallized Intelligence are studied briefly.

                                                                                                               Inner self