Peer Coaching: Skill Evidence

My computer was reformatted during the semester as the Window's 7 Home that was installed on my computer had to be upgraded to Window's 7 Professional. With that my Microsoft Office was upgraded as well to 2010.


Throughout the Peer Coaching Program I have used a variety of Microsoft tools to assist me.

I am an experienced user of Outlook and have been using it for many years. Throughout the year I have given instruction to staff whenever they request it to assist them to make a task easier. An example is teaching/showing the office staff how to use the meeting tool within Outlook to set up meetings with staff for the principal so that the recipient only needs to accept or decline the meeting.

Outlook was used in many ways including:

Email: Emails were sent to either the members of the Peer Coaching Program or the whole staff to notify them of the program, any changes that needed to be made, cancellations etc. I also sent screenshots of a new tool that was being explored to inspire more staff to come along.

I use folders within Mail to store any emails that I want to keep. Emails over 90 days are archived (and sometimes more often) as we are very restricted to the size of our email inboxes at school.

The attachment below Brainstorm with an idea map is an example of a file that was emailed to members of the Peer Coaching group as an attachment, so that they could access a "live" document, that is, with the web links active. The staff came to the session with their document saved on their laptops and they were able to work through it step by step, whilst I demonstrated on the interactive white board.

The Calendar was used to remind me of the dates of the Peer Coaching Program as well as IT Committee meetings.

Notes were used to store my passwords for various websites that I belong to as otherwise I cannot remember them all. Security is not an issue as my laptop is password protected and it locks after I do not use it for more than five minutes.

Contacts are used to store information about staff, so that it can be easily accessed. Contacts are also able to store extra information such as birthdays, notes (useful if you want to remember something about that person), and categories (for example personal, peer coaching, groups such as my Christmas card list). 

Groups such as the Peer Coaching Group, Year groups, Equestrian Team, parent groups and others are able to be saved as a Group so that an email can be sent easily and quickly. This is much quicker than finding a contact and sending each member an email. (Some staff were unaware that they could save their contact lists and type an address in each time.)


Excel was used in my Peer Coaching Program to demonstrate how to use the program. The majority of teachers that I have come across do not use Excel because they do not know how. I therefore demonstrated to teachers some of the various uses that I use Excel for as well as showing them how to do some simple formulas as well as formatting.

An example is that the HSIE Head Teacher wanted to know how to use a spreadsheet to keep track of her shares. She came and observed a Commerce class that I was teaching. The students and I demonstrated on the whiteboard with the assistance of a data projector. File is attached called Spreadsheet to accompany Task 2.

I demonstrated to the Peer Group the use of Wikis. On a Wiki was a table that was cut and pasted from an Excel spreadsheet. The graphs were inserted by using the snipping tool and saving as a .jpg. The .jpg was then inserted into the wiki. The wiki can be viewed at . A screenshot of the wiki can be seen below.

The original document is attached called WHO Stats.

Other Excel documents that were demonstrated were files that I use to record the details of the Equestrian team of which I am the Coordinator. I have one file and on each worksheet I record the student’s participation in the various horse sport events that we attend. I also record parent’s details so that I can contact a parent if I have a query. This file is emailed to the Student Services Coordinator regularly so that she can update individual school records. The file is then available to the next coordinator of horse sports. I also designed an order form for the Equestrian Uniform that is attached to the Equestrian Website. Screenshot below.


Order form attached below called Uniform Order Form.

MS Office 2007/2010 Outlook and Excel are both programs that are used daily by myself. They are an essential part of a Peer Coaching Program to ensure that all staff can at least access the most basic functions.

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