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Posting assignments and lessons online can help students catch up or review or learn at their own pace. And giving students "all the time" and "at anytime" access to the learning helps students budget time and sets the stage for life long learning skills.

iTunes can help with this task...

iTunes U provides video and audio content posted by universities, state departments of education and many public media organizations and museums. In addition, many free educational podcasts are available via the regular iTunes Podcast Store to supplement your curriculum and keep students connected.  

Download iTunes to your computer (PC or Mac) and have students access the content from home, school. Students can access iTunes U via mobile iOS devices such as iPods, iPads or iPhones by downloading the free iTunes U App   Below are some sample "playlists". You might set up a playlist for your own classes with one "list page" per topic or unit. 

Explore on your own and make playlists that support your curriculum. Playlists can be shared with students on a Google Doc, Google Site (like this).  Click here to learn how to make a playlist like this one in a Google Site.

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Curriculum or DisciplinePodcast Title or Collection DescriptionProduced by
Curriculum or DisciplinePodcast Title or Collection DescriptionProduced by
Any or all Open University Open University 
Art Edward Weston Idea Stream 
Art Collection - Spark, Video series that features artists and their projects. Includes educator guides KQED Spark - Bay Area Arts 
Art Photoshop CS5 Michigan's MI Learning 
Art Collection - Introduction to Comics, this series shows students how to create and draw comic characters, how to add expressions, motion and sounds and how to sculpt and carve. Professor Garfield Foundation 
Art Digital Photography Utah Electronic High School 
Art, History Collection - Early Films Edison Company Library of Congress 
Books -epub from iTunes U Connexions Connexions  
Books -epub from iTunes U Open Learn - selected eBooks Open University 
Books -epub from iTunes U Shakespeare's First Folio Oxford 
Computer Science Collection - iPhone Application Programming - Stanford University 10 week course Stanford University 
English Pen on Fire Podcasts Barbara DeMarco-Barrett 
English B&N Meet the Writers Audio Interviews Barnes & Nobel 
English Meet the Writers Barnes & Nobels 
English Collection - Grammar Girl, a series for "Quick & Dirty Tricks for Better Writting" Grammar Girl 
English KQED: The Writers' Block Podcasts KQED 
English Collection - A series of interviews with authors who are participating in the Library of Congress National Book Festival 2009 Library of Congress 
English NPR Book Tour Podcasts NPR 
English Collection - Lit2Go - Historically & Culturally Significant Literature for k-12 schools University of Southern Florida 
English Collection - a series of creative writing challenges to help develop creativity and talent as a writer University of Warwick 
English Poetry Everywhere - Video WGBH Teacher's Domain 
French Collection - Beginning French, short conversations in French including a pronunciation track and downloadable transcripts of the lessons. Open University 
French Collection - Coffee Break French Podcasts Radio Lingua Network 
Health The Sweet Science of Chocolate KQED Quest Science 
Health Asthma: What Brought on the Epidemic? KQED Quest Science 
History Collection - Great African American Oratory, series on Historic speeches by African Americans American Public Media 
History - Philosophy for Beginners A Romp through the history of philosophy from the Pre-Socratics to the present day. Oxford University 
History - U.S. Civil War Last Full Measure: Grant at Cold Harbor A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. Civil War Stonewall Jackson A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. Civil War Lecture 11 - South to War Bob Goldberg - History 1700 
History - U.S. Civil War Collection - A 10 part video series on the Civil War in Virginia Virginia Department of Education 
History - U.S. Early Last Full Measure: Captain John Smith A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. Government, Courts Why Supreme Court Decisions are Hard to Read... 60 Second Lectures 
History - U.S. Government, Courts Collection - The Supreme Court -interviews of sitting justices C-SPAN 
History - U.S. Government, Courts Collection of the "Supreme Court's Greatest Hits" during the Rehnquist Court and the 2006 term oral arguments organized by Justice - enhanced audio Supreme Court Media 
History - U.S. Korean War Last Full Measure: Truman & MacArthur A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. Revolutionary War Crispus Attucks A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. Slavery Lecture 11 Racism Bob Goldberg - History 1700 
History - U.S. Slavery Compromises & Slavery Central Washington University 
History - U.S. Slavery Slavery & Emerging Culture Central Washington University 
History - U.S. Slavery Slavery, Civil War, Abraham Lincoln Central Washington University 
History - U.S. Slavery Go Down Moses Civil War Songs - Gilder Lehrman  
History - U.S. Slavery Understanding Slave Narratives Gilder Lehrman Institute Seminar 
History - U.S. Slavery Slave Narratives Library of Congress 
History - U.S. Slavery Slave Narratives Library of Congress 
History - U.S. Slavery Slave Narratives Library of Congress 
History - U.S. The Alamo Last Full Measure: William Travis at the Alamo A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. Vietnam War Last Full Measure: US Leaves Vietnam A Moment in Time 
History - U.S. WW I Zeppelins Resurrected KQED Quest Science 
History U.S. WW II Emerging Industries WWII - Home Front Central Washington University 
History U.S. WW II WW I & WW II Women at Work Central Washington University 
History U.S. WW II Pearl Harbor Oral Histories Library of Congress 
History U.S. WW II Rosie the Riveter Library of Congress 
History U.S. WW II Pearl Harbor Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Being a Marine Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II The Bomb Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Convoy Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Crash Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Dredging the Kennebec Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Hospital Ship Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Internment Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Iwo Jima Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Letters Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Liberation Maine Stories from WW II 
History U.S. WW II Welder Maine Stories from WW II 
History - U.S. WW II Collection from "The War: A film by Ken Burns & Lynn Novick" - Includes seven lesson plans which incorporates clips from the film PBS 
Math Collection - Introduction to University level mathematics, using mathematical tools to answer questions. Includes transcript Open University 
Math & Music Collection - videos on the connection between mathematics and music - transcripts included Open University 
Science Collection - Quest Science and Nature, Northern California science educational series on nature and the environment KQED Quest 
Science Collection - Quest Science Video Podcasts, Important trends and issues in science, the environment and nature in Northern California KQED Quest 
Science Collection - The Physical World, a series that introduces the basics of helicopter flight, quantum theory, special relativity, wave mechanics and particle physics. Open University 
Science Science Channel Video The Science Channel 
Science Collection - Teacher's Domain, series for grades 9-12 science WGBH - Boston PBS 
Science - Astronomy Illuminating the Northern Lights KQED Quest 
Science - Astronomy The Planet Hunters KQED Quest 
Science - Astronomy NASA Ames Rocket to the Moon KQED Quest 
Science - Astronomy Radio Telescopes & Stellar Jets Open University 
Science - Astronomy Is Our Sun Normal? Open University 
Science - Astronomy Detecting Galactic Jets Open University 
Science - Astronomy VLA, Heidi & Yokoh Open University 
Science - Astronomy The Scale of Our Galaxy Open University 
Science - Astronomy The Shape of our Galaxy Open University 
Science - Astronomy Our Invisible Sun Open University 
Science - Astronomy Measuring Black Holes Open University 
Science - Astronomy The Expanding Universe Open University 
Science - Astronomy What Causes Jets? Open University 
Science - Astronomy Geometry of the Universe Open University 
Science - Astronomy Mapping the Milky Way Open University 
Science - Astronomy Galileo on the Moon Teachers' Domain 
Science - Atmospheric The Asteroid Hunters KQED Quest 
Science - Atmospheric Low Angle Impacts Open University 
Science - Atmospheric The Consequences on Earth Open University 
Science - Atmospheric The Nature of Impacts Open University 
Science - Atmospheric Pacific Ocean Explosion Open University 
Science - Atmospheric Reconstructing the Impact Open University 
Science - Atmospheric The Formation of Craters Open University 
Science - Biology Decoding Synthetic Biology KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Chasing Beetles, Finding Darwin KQED Quest 
Science - Biology The Sweet Science of Chocolate KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Forensic Identification KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Super Microscope KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Genetic Testing Through the Web KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Stem Cell Gold Rush KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Ice Age Bay Area KQED Quest 
Science - Biology Collection - Biology, Uniformity & Diversity, course covering a wide variety of topics in modern biology Open University 
Science - Biology Collection - A series on DNA, RNA and Protein Formation Open University 
Science - Biology Collection - A series of video resources and educator guides that cover life science. Topics include genetics, evolution, the functioning of the human body. WGBH - Boston Public Television 
Science - Chemistry The Periodic Table Cassiopeia Project 
Science - Chemistry Spectral Lines Cassiopeia Project 
Science - Chemistry Chemical Bonds Cassiopeia Project 
Science - Chemistry Structure Cassiopeia Project 
Science - Chemistry Biofuels: Beyond Ethanol KQED Quest 
Science - Chemistry Nanotechnology Takes Off KQED Quest 
Science - Chemistry Forensic Identification KQED Quest 
Science - Chemistry Collection - Science lectures on Chemistry with slides that demonstrate problems University of Utah 
Science - Ecology San Francisco Bay Invaders KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Better Bees Super Bee & Wild Bee KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Wastewater Woes KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Biofuels: Beyond Ethanol KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology From Waste to Watts: Biofuel Bonanza KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Sudden Oak Death KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Climate Watch: California at the Tipping Point KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Earth Day Special: Where We've Been, Where We're Headed KQED Quest 
Science - Ecology Volcanoes: Effects of magma eruptions Open University 
Science - Ecology Solar Paint Your Roof Teachers' Domain 
Science - Ecology Booming Sands Teachers' Domain 
Science - Ecology Global Warming: Physics of Greenhouse Effect Teachers' Domain 
Science - Ecology Global Warming: Carbon Dioxide & the Greenhouse Effect Teachers' Domain 
Science - Engineering Collection - Teacher's Domain, a series of science related engineering topics focused on the environment. Teacher guides included. WGBH Boston PBS 
Science - Genetics Genetic Testing through the Web KQED QUEST Science 
Science - Genetics Sickle Cells and Societies Open University 
Science - Genetics Transmitting Genetic Insights Open University 
Science - Genetics The History of the Sickle-Shaped Cell Open University 
Science - Genetics Sickle Cell and the Gene Open University 
Science - Genetics Slave Ships & Sickle Cells Open University 
Science - Geology Earthquakes: Breaking New Ground KQED Quest Science 
Science - Geology Scary Tsunamis KQED Quest Science 
Science - Geology Science of Big Waves KQED Quest Science 
Science - Geology Landslide Detectives KQED Quest Science 
Science - Geology Geology at Siccar Point Open University 
Science - Geology Rock Layers Open University 
Science - Geology Volcanoes: How eruptions affect climate Open University 
Science - Physics The Physics of Baseball KQED Quest 
Science - Physics The Science of Big Waves KQED Quest 
Science - Physics The Physics of Sailing KQED Quest 
Science - Physics Super Laser at the National Ignition Facility KQED Quest 
Science - Physics Energy Transfer in a Trebuchet Teachers' Domain 
Science - Physics Spinning Quarter Virginia Tech School of Education 
Science - Physics Effervescent Tablet Dropped in Water Virginia Tech School of Education 
Science - Physics Popping a Balloon Virginia Tech School of Education 
Science - Physics Lighting a Match/Smoke from a Match Virginia Tech School of Education 
Science - Physics Lighting a Lighter Virginia Tech School of Education 
Science - Space Collection - a series that takes you on a tour through the solar system Cassiopeia Project 
Social Science Library of Congress Library of Congress 
Social Science - Psychology Collection - Psychology, a series of podcasts from an introduction to psychology class.  Missouri State University 
Spanish Collection - For Spanish beginners, a series of audio clips that covers a variety of issues about Spanish culture. Includes transcript of each clip. Open University 
Spanish Collection - Coffee Break Spanish Podcasts Radio Lingua Network 
Showing 157 items