Welcome to the Open Content Wiki for Critical Perspectives in Education and  Learning Communities series [LCI, II, III]. This space contains content that has been  developed with colleagues and students in the context of a teacher preparation program. The site was established in October 2009 
by Anita Zijdemans Boudreau, however, the Learning Communities course series was originally conceived and developed by Daniel Duarte & Nancy Meltzoff in 1998 and has been part of the teacher preparation program in the College of Education at Pacific University since that time. In 2014 MAT redesign, Learning Communities became integrated into Critical Perspectives. Additional resources and activities have been included to reflect the growing breadth of issues that relate to the field of education. In the spirit of open source, we share this resource with educators seeking to understand how to develop evidence-based practice within an increasingly complex and diverse world.

In the Learning Communities series, we focus on the perspectives of PERSONAL AWARENESS; CULTURE; POWER, PRIVILEGE, & DIFFERENCE; INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCE & DIVERSE LEARNERS, TEACHER IDENTITY, LEADERSHIP, PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE, & MULTICULTURAL EDUCATION - to explore a variety of issues associated with the complexities of the human experience and the social contexts within which individuals develop. In Critical Perspectives we build on these themes to include CRITICAL PEDAGOGY,