"Together we shine.  Ensemble nous brillons."

Community Library Book Exchange…



It is for families, parents and younger siblings of students at our school (and surrounding area).

EVERY THURSDAY from 2:00 – 2:30pm in the

École College Heights Elementary Library


Mme Brown will create a Family Library Card for your family.  T

This way you can sign out books from our school library for your ENTIRE familyJ


There will also be a short story time during the Community Library Book Exchange.


Happy Reading!

Mme Andrea Brown



"The Learning Commons liberates the exploration of ideas and concepts,
encouraging inquiry, imagination, discovery and creativity
through the connection of learners to information,
to each other and to communities around the world".
(OLA, 2009, Together for learning, p.6).

Teacher-Librarian: Mme Andrea Brown (abrown@sd57.bc.ca)
Library Clerk: Mrs. Adele Rouleau (arouleau@sd57.bc.ca )


OLA.  (2009).  Together for learning: School libraries and the emergence of the learning commons.  Retrieved from https://www.accessola.org/Documents/OLA/Divisions/OSLA/TogetherforLearning.pdf