The Principal: First Conversations

Prior to beginning work at a school, it is important to meet first with the principal, as a matter of both courtesy and necessity.  

The principal: the most important voice

If you fail to involve the principal in your initial meetings in the building, you may hinder the progress of your coaching program overall.  

Jim Knight (2007) reminds us:
"No matter how effective an IC is, the principal’s voice is 

ultimately the voice that is most 


to teachers" (p.190).  

Sharing your purpose and intent 

Although the teachers in a building will become familiar with the purpose and intent  of your coaching program, the principal should be the first person to gain this understanding. This is important because if staff have questions about coaching when you are not available to answer them, the principal can then dispel any misconceptions teachers may hold.
As well as sharing your coaching program purpose and intent, your initial principal conversations should also include: (1) aligning similar goals and (2) sharing your coaching role in the building.

The next step.

Talk with the principal to align your common goals.