What is a Learning Coach?

Learning Coaches (who may also go by titles such as Instructional Coaches, Consultants, Lead Teachers, Literacy/Numeracy Coaches, Technology Integration Facilitators, and the like) are education professionals who collaborate with teachers to choose and implement research-based interventions for the betterment of student learning (Knight, 2007).

This professional development resource was coordinated and reviewed by Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium based on a grant to support implementation from Alberta Education.  Thanks to Black Gold learning coach leaders for website development.  

The learning coach leaders from Black Gold Regional Division No. 18 were contracted to develop this website to support the implementation of learning coach programs.  This resource went through an extensive peer review by a team of learning coaches representing five school jurisdictions. 

The intent of this website is to share one Alberta Model of a learning coach program.  In this website, you will find research based strategies and tips as well as reflections of the Black Gold Instructional Coaching Team on their process of creating and operating a learning coach program.

 Website authors: Denise Harrison, Black Gold AISI Coordinator (center), Steve Trueman and Terra Kaliszuk, two of Black Gold's Instructional Coaches
This work was made possible through a grant from Alberta Education to support implementation.

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Peer Review Team

The Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium thanks the team of learning coaches who reviewed this site and offered valuable insights for this resource.

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Website Sections

This website is separated into five distinct sections, each addressing one aspect of the coaching experience. 
  1. Defining your coaching program
  2. Building and maintaining school partnerships
  3. Planning with teachers 
  4. The coach's role in implementation
  5. Reflecting on and sharing successes and challenges
You can proceed through this website by viewing pages in order, or you can access the site map in the left sidebar and choose to visit selected pages pertinent to your coaching situation. 

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In this website, you will see a variety of icons, highlighting specific aspects of the work done by Black Gold coaches. 

Key Concept:  

This idea is a 'good-er.'  Keep it in mind as you prepare and implement your coaching program.

Implement/ How To: 

This is a proven means of working through potential pitfalls in coaching. Use it as you plan your work with teachers.



Keep this tip in mind as you prepare your work.

The Black Gold Solution:  

This icon indicates a Black Gold point-of-view solution to a variety of situations. It may give you insight as you navigate your road in your coaching experience.