Our theories on local word history

The word "poodoo" which has it's origins in Kaplan, La as I understand it. 
Read about it in the following links. It's worth your time browsing through the discussions. They're still online so you can even contribute if you have something you would like to offer up.
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There has been a little bit of debate on the exact origin of the word. I will share what I know from conversations and reading.

In the mid 1950's the Crowley Daily (Post?) Signal used the word in reference to Acadia Parish. I'm speculating this is in an archive somewhere. However, independent of this in the 1960's KATC used the word to describe the French speaking areas of the state. They came by the word by way of a typo on an invoice where someone put an "a"  at the end of the word "Acadian". From there it seems to have taken off and become part of our language. Wiki has more on it here.