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That darn COONASS topic

Talk about a word that will get some Cajuns going! Lord have mercy!!

Previously on one (and now many) of the Coonass "Discussions" on our facebook group page <--- (read that as arguments) - Things got heated and the insults started flying. - I killed it to stop the fight as it was hurting our effort. - People didn't want to be "censored" - So we agreed they were big boys and girls and able to have a civil debate keeping the volume down so as to talk about it without becoming emotionally charged. 

--- The beginning of October, 2014, the topic was innocently brought up again and "CIVIL" went out the window. Several folks asked people to let the discussion go. -- People were leaving the group over the fight. Still, I declined to delete it despite request of members. Ultimately I asked on the thread if they wanted me to delete it and it was an overwhelming YES. -- I saved a copy to my computer and killed it.

NOTE: Since this article was written the process has repeated itself beaucoup times. Beating a dead horse will not make it move.

Key points

1 - Please accept that there are people on both sides of the argument who will not be swayed. 

2 - NO ONE knows the ORIGIN of the word. -- Another topic people argue about. 
    Many think the word originated in WWII - Nope. It's been proven to have been used long before then.
    Others think it started with insults about similar french insults being mispronounced. - That's been shot down too.

3 - MOST of the time - people get upset and start arguing over the word and the insults fly.

4 - Most people outside of the state have even less of a clue about the word than we do.

5 - The word was intended as a insult and just as many people of various ethnicities have taken such words and used them within their communities playfully or even defiantly as a badge of honor, so have many Cajuns.

--- This Topic is seldom conducive towards furthering our goals of saving the language and culture. - Yes the word is part of it. - The fact people fight over it is also part of it.  

Please peruse these resources before commenting about Coonass
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