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About our group - Cajun French Virtual Table Française

Our group, when initially established, was setup to attract people together for the purposes of having voice chats and to store documents.  However, when the group began to grow and attract people of various backgrounds and feelings on how Louisiana French (LF) more popularly known as Cajun French (CF) could be learned and / or shared, it lead us in the direction of doing more to help each other along.

In an effort to accommodate as many people as possible, volunteers are helping people with spelling, pronunciations, grammar, and definitions as well as with videos, word and phrase lists and daily graphics with a word or phrase of the day. We are also trying to collect the information being shared and organize it (when we can). One of those efforts involves this sibling site: where we're trying to piece together the information relevant to learning LF/CF. It's not professional and it's not perfect, but it is a place to start.

We realize that most of us are beginners and / or are not proficient with reading and writing in French. Thus some type phonetically for people to understand. – Other members who are proficient in reading and writing French will often post the correct spelling and grammar to help.  You will often see differing answers to questions. This is normal and part of the beauty of LF/CF.

Please understand when this happens it is not intended as an insult or trying to correct the way you speak if you are a fluent LF/CF speaker. By now all of us understand there are several regions around Louisiana who speak their LF/CF slightly different than other regions. Much of the fun is in comparing words and phrases from the different regions and other French speaking areas around the world.

We all learn differently. Some learn easily by the spoken word. Others need to see it in writing and to hear it. 

Some folks are only interested in picking up words and phrases. 

Some are interested in practicing what they know and perhaps picking up a few additional words. 

Others still would like to know how to read and write in LF/CF. 

We ask you to please be considerate and understanding of the fact that everyone here is volunteering their time and only are trying to help. There is no way they can know each person’s desire or preference on learning.

As mentioned earlier, with the help of our volunteers, our instructional videos are being freely distributed to whoever wants them. These are posted on youtube and links to them are provided here: . The only catch to using them is they can only be redistributed for free. No money is to be made off of them.

** Please look at our Calendar of Events here:

Thank you so much for being involved. As you will see and maybe hear me say so many times, it is incumbent upon us to save our language and our culture. We can't wait for someone else to do it. If we don't do it, it dies here.