Please, Thank you and you're welcome

DCL = Dictionary of the Cajun Language

DLF = Dictionary of Louisiana French



Most of us know "s'il vous plaît" as the french and Cajun way of saying "Please". Literally means "If you please"


We've also learned that the word "Donc" has the implied meaning of "Please" when used in certain statements / requests. - Please is not the actual definition of "Donc".


Per the DCL

Please - v.t. Plaire, contenter satisfaire

Please - interj. S'il vous plait / si vous plait

and he notes that "In Cajun French 'please' is implied in any request using the words 'donc' or 'voir'" 

Please - (DLF) - States that "voir" is an adverb for please


in DCL- He uses the examples

"viens donc ici" - "Please come here" and "donne-moi voir de l'eau" - "Please give me some water."




Merci - Thanks / Thank you


(DLF) - bien merci - Thanks a lot

(DCL & DLF)Merci bien - many thanks

(DCL & DLF)Merci beaucoup - many thanks or Thank you very much

(DCL)-Merci  mille mercis - many thanks (I have never heard this expression - perhaps others here can share their thoughts and experience with it)


The DLF defines DONC as a  conj. 1 - therefore, so, then, hence 2 - though


Thank God -interj. - merci Bon Dieu





(from DCL and DLF) il y a pas de quoi 

(from DLF) de rien


I have also heard


pas de quoi

à rien (it's nothing) and I think many say this as pas rien

dur rien (nothing hard/difficult)


As always, I qualify this with the fact I am a novice who is working very hard to learn Cajun French beyond the few words and phrases many of us learned while growing up in Cajun Country. If you find errors in this document I welcome the corrections and advice on improving it. Bien Merci!