We have had conversations about the word for ANT.

The SF Spelling is fourmi. Most of us have heard the word as fromi.

As I was looking on the LSU page with a bunch of CF words, I ran across the following two entries.

fromi (n.f.) ant. Variant spelling: fromille. Variant: fourmi. [SF fourmi] avoir des fromis to have numbness or "pins and needles" in an extremity.

fromille (n.f.) ant. Variant spelling: fromi. Variant: fourmi. [SF fourmi] avoir des fromilles to have numbness or "pins and needles" in an extremity

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This of course led me to grab the DLF and investigate it further. Mais là! - The Dictionary listed both words and then some for the word "ANT"

A few variations are listed here:

fourmillière (n.f.) - CF says this is a swarm of ants or other insects. - There is not exact match of this spelling in SF.fourmilière SF: says this is the ant hill (Note that this only has 1 L in it where the CF word has 2 L's)

fourmi (frémi, fromi, froumil, froumille)  

The Gender

fourmi (n.m) //DLF

fourmis (n.f) //DLF

fromi used for a different insect:

CF: fromi blanc - Termite

SF: fourmi blanc - literally translates into "White Ant"