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I have decided to move the sections with language instruction to it's own site page and let this site page focus on the many things related to our culture and history (which includes things related to French use in our culture). 

The language instruction page is here


Louisiana French Tables and Cultural Events

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When I was growing up, I thought the whole world lived just like us. I thought they spoke two languages and I thought they ate the same foods. I remember to this day when I was in about the fourth grade and one of my teachers in school, a nun, told us that the rest of the country didn't speak Cajun French and that the rest of world didn't eat Gumbo and they called Rice Dressing "Dirty Rice" and it wasn't made like ours either. I was completely in shock. How could people not eat Gumbo? Didn't they know what they were missing?

As the years went by most of us were passively aware that we were different but didn't put much weight into it as we were just us and living our lives. Then I joined the Navy. THAT'S when it all became so glaringly clear to me how true the words spoken by my fourth grade teacher were. 

As I went about my 10 year tour in the Navy, it always seemed to be a big deal to the people around me that I was a Cajun. In a barracks full of people if there were two Cajuns in there, they made a point of introducing us. 

I still laugh at the memories because of how often a little scene would repeat itself. 
Someone meets me. 
They hear my accent.
Them: "Where are you from?"
Me: "Louisiana"
Them: "REALLY?! Louisiana? Are you Cajun"
Me: "Yes I am"
Them: "Wow - Can you cook __________" (Fill in the blank with Etouffee, Gumbo, Blackend Red Fish, Red Beans and Rice...)

It never seemed to fail. This conversation even took place one time when I was on the Ship running to advise someone that one of our radars had gone down just before an exercise that was just kicking off. "What's the rush?" - "The radar is down and..." - "Where are you from?" 

You have to love it!



We frequently will create facebook documents which are commented on and edited as we work through our learning process.     

We have an index of our Word/Phrase of the Day HERE   (not current)

By all means check on it frequently and please contribute or inquire as you desire.

Looking for Louisiana French (Cajun French) Audio to learn from? ---> Look here

Do you offer Louisiana French (aka Cajun French) tutoring services? We'd love to include you on our list. Please fill out this form to be added to the list. 

Les Biznisses francophones dans la Louisiane / Francophone Businesses in Louisiana


We frequently have discussions related to food and thus recipes and techniques are shared. 

I've created a document with links to most of the discussions / recipes which I update as time permits.

The Recipes

If you are interested in Cajun Cooking, one of our members has a Facebook page dedicated to just that topic.

C'est tout le temps un tracas après un autre! (It's always one problem after another.)
~ Phoebe

I wish I was as smart now as I thought I was growing up!!
~Ron Guidry


A Monday-Sunday listing of radio programs and links to their sites where the DJ's use Cajun French on the program.

Cajun French Videos

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