Session 2 - Curriculum Renewal Process

Driving Questions:

Bigger, better – or just different?
Culture of Participation
New Media Literacy/ Information Literacy
The timeframe and stages of renewal.
Learn about:
    Small changes, making big impact
    Unlearning old habits of mind
    What students 'want' to do
    The road to National Curriculum 2011
Part One
Context: Small is Big! (15 mins)

Are the choices in education as black and white as often painted? - Learn or Earn, State or National Curriculum, Laptops or Books, Wifi or Blue Cables, Analog or Digital?

What is it that motivates today's learners, and how can you use that to gain another Friday a week? - Here's some 3 minute lessons.

Part 2
Activity: Renewal is just about looking! (30 mins)

A handout! - Think Pair Share!

Can you identify classroom uses for these tools?
Are they worth using?
What is the cost of using them?
What could they replace?
What would be the benefits to students?
How can you use them in assessment?
How long would it take for these to be 'norms'?

Here's the resource link :
The renewal process takes schools though a cycle. These cycles are often overlapping, unless schools set out a strategic plan to take a whole school approach. What happens without this is that teachers take the initiative - which leads to a positive cycle - but often sees teachers at quite different levels of attainment. There have never been overnight changes in technology.