Connect, Collaborate and Inspire through 21st Century Learning


Our students now have extraordinary tools of the future at their fingertips; world experts available online; authentic learning through rapid feedback on their ideas and performance; and opportunities for global collaboration on group projects.

Learners are involved in an "architecture of participation",
creating, adapting and sharing content.  Are we?

This practical 2-day workshop
for K-12 educators and ICT integrators will look at multimodal collaborative learning approaches and implementation strategies.
Welcome to Learning AU.

This site is available for participants to use to during and after the event.

At virtually no cost, the story begins with a 3 minute video from
Stephen Heppell. It provides a rhythm for the workshops.

We hope that you enjoy the workshops as both a teacher and a learner.

Dean Groom & Judy O'Connell

We are learning about:

The challenges and opportunities of 21st century learning modalities

Creative effective e-inquiry classrooms
Designing and managing engaging Web 2.0 projects
Integrating technology to achieve better learning outcomes
Creating reflective writing communities online
Managing the power of extended Discourse Communities
Assessing work in the 21st century classroom