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Learning Opportunities presented by Central Crossroads Learning at the Crossroads

* = Satisfies Deacon Training Requirement

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 Fall 2014

Cost:  $20 each.     9 am registration; 9:30-2:30 classes, lunch included

Sept. 27—*YES, NO, and Let’s talk!  at St. Peter’s Verona (by Rev. Diane Wheatley).  Explore boundaries in all areas of life and tips for establishing better boundaries.  (Meets Deacon Boundary Training requirement). 

Oct. 18—*WHY PAUL MATTERSThe Creative Genius of the Apostles the Gentiles—Presenter  Rev.Dr.  Mark Lawson, is  Pastor of United Church of Christ in Bayberry (Liverpool), adjunct professor in religious studies at LeMoyne College, and author of Cracking the Book: How to Start Reading the Bible.   The course will be taught at Luther Memorial, North Syracuse.

Because Paul’s letters have been canonized as Scripture, his words have traditionally been given authority equal to the teachings of Christ. On the other hand, since the mid-20th century, Paul has frequently been accused of distorting the original teaching of Christ and laying the groundwork for Christian anti-Semitism, sexism, racism, and homophobia. Contending that the Apostle has been misunderstood and misappropriated by both critics and admirers, Dr. Lawson will place Paul in his religious, cultural, and political context and help participants apprec-iate how his developing theology ensured that the “Way” begun by Jesus would grow into a world religion.


Nov. 15—*ASPECTS of WORSHIP—Rev. John Ferrie will kick off learning at 9:30 am.  Then 2 of the following workshops:  A.  Practical Worship Leading Skills;   B. Using Technology in worship—in general.  C. Resources and creative examples of technology in worship;  D.  Talking with Youth about faith;  E. Growing the faith of Children;  F. Training Worship Leaders;  G. Writing Prayers for our times.  (Taught at Luther Memorial, N. Syracuse)


COMING in 2015—More information to come

·       A Day in Syracuse learning about hunger from experts

·       Tom Henry  on American History

·       Youth leader event at VanderKamp

·       A Day in stain Glass with Rev. Dan Hoffman  (Limit: 20 people)



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Write check to “Central Crossroads Conference” ($20 each) and mail to Luther Memorial Lutheran Church, 435 S. Main St., N Syracuse, NY 13212. Registrations must  be received by the Thursday before the workshop.