Ramón León's Reflections

Learning and Becoming
"Take pride, not in knowing and being,
but in learning and becoming." 

Learning to Learn
"To the advice of learning new things and expanding one's interests one must add that of learning to learn in entirely new ways." 

How Learning Should Be
"When we thirst for knowledge it should appear in front of our eyes. Even clicking takes too much time." 

Technology as Adventure
"Buying an acclaimed personal technology is like undertaking an adventure: the destination could disappoint, but it is more likely to delight." 

Keeping Our Minds Young
"The aging of our minds starts when we allow ourselves to stop resonating with the here, the there, the now and the coming." 
"Aging begins when we start to take pride in not needing the new." 

Achieving and Foolishness
"Achieving narrowly and opining widely turns many into fools." 

"Much creativity comes from being able to see differences and similarities that others can't." 

"Dullness is lack of interest for what one doesn't need."

Black Birds. I

  • "Some make it a point of ruining the pride and joy that others feel when they have done something well.
  • Some diminish any accomplishment that they cannot top.
  • Some just plain hate to see anybody happy with themselves." 
Black Birds. II
"For some learning from others is so painful that they rather remain ignorant, toil, lose money, and friends and, in general, not reach their potential."

Technology and the Possible
"Some see new technologies as tools for doing what we have always done better when they should be seen as opportunities for expanding our vision of the possible." 

A Miserable State
"We have reached a miserable state when we never have time to learn something new that would save us time."
When Money is not an Issue
"When money is not an issue making it so can deprive us of much that enriches life. And this is not only true about major life choices, but also about the minor choices that can contribute to a more pleasant and rich everyday life, such as deciding on whether or not to buy a new personal technology."

Technology and Pencil
"Understanding technology is difficult when one h
olds a pencil." 

Cognitive Science
"Unconscious biases lead to poor thinking and clouded moral judgment. Cognitive science helps us recognize them and thus enlightens."


"When we are wise we create cocoons built around routines that bring tranquility to our lives. The problem is when we become so comfortable inside them that we see no need of being aware of what is changing." 

Technology and Wisdom
"Technology brings no wisdom in itself, but smooth the way to much that does." 

"Teaching should not be about lecturing, giving reading assignments, homework and exams. Teaching should be about the use of the scientific method to find out how one's students as individuals learn best in one's particular course. Teaching to individuals means that one must offer many learning resources so that students can tailor their learning to what is best for their individual style of learning and to help those with learning disabilities succeed. The teaching methods to experiment with should be thoroughly grounded
in the cognitive science of learning in light of what technology has made possible."