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Lix Data Set

Lix Puzzle-game Data Set (Version 1.0)


The experiments have been carried out to collect data from gaming interactions with a group of 15 participants. 

Our data set contains the players' time series of activities during gameplay. There are 15 CSV files containing the players' data per gameplay. Each file contains 11 features. See 'features_info.txt' for more details.

We asked them to play a short minigame of a game called Lix. It is a puzzle game, based on Lemmings, which was a game released in 1990. Lix game is available here:
The name of the minigame / level is 'Put Your Lix on Ice'.


In this minigame, the player has to guide a group of Lixes through some obstacles to a designated exit. To save the required number of Lixes to solve the puzzle, the player must determine how to assign a limited number of skills to specific Lixes. These skills allow the selected Lix to alter the landscape, to affect the behavior of other Lixes, or to clear obstacles in order to create a safe passage for the rest of the Lixes.

The player is given only one minigame to play. The goal is to solve the puzzle in the most efficient way - that is, the one that uses the least amount of resources, saves as many Lixes as possible, and takes as little game time as possible.

The player can repeat the level as many times as he/ she needs. The goal is not to solve it faster, however, to find the best solution.

When the player is satisfied with the tactic she reaches, we asked to play it one more time, so that the player has the chance to shorten the game time.

Learning the game controls is also part of this experiment. For this reason, once the minigame starts, we did not help the player, not even with questions about the game user interface. The player is also not allowed to look up for solutions online or to search for hints. The player is asked to explore the game to figure out how to solve the puzzle.

The data set includes the following files:

- 'Data' : contains 15 CSV files. Each is dedicated to a player.

- 'features_info.txt': contains information about the variables used in the feature vector.

- 'features.txt': list of all features.

- 'actions_info.txt': contains information about the variable 'activity'.

- 'experiment design.txt': contains information about the Lix experiment design and data collection.


Use of this data set in publications must be acknowledged by referencing the following publication:

M. Vahdat, M.B. Carvalho, M. Funk, M. Rauterberg, J. Hu, and D. Anguita. Learning analytics for a puzzle game to discover the puzzle-solving tactics of players. In 11th European conference on technology enhanced learning: adaptive and adaptable learning, 2016.

Mehrnoosh Vahdat, Maira B. Carvalho, Mathias Funk, Matthias Rauterberg, Jun Hu, and Davide Anguita. December 2016.