Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining motivates the development of novel approaches and advancements in educational settings. The wide variety of research and practice in this context has enforced important possibilities for learners and educators.  Applications like adaptation and personalization of learning tools can improve the instructional design and pedagogy choices based on students’ needs. Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining play an important role in enhancing learning processes by offering innovative applications of analytics methods. This will lead to the knowledge discovery about the learning processes, and development and integration of more personalized, adaptive, and interactive educational environments. 

We are a team of researchers aiming to present novel applications of Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining focused on the learning behavior of students while they use learning tools. We investigate the application of novel Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Process Mining methods in education. We have carried out several research projects in the context of higher education.  These efforts are done under a successful collaboration between the University of Genoa, Italy and Eindhoven University of Technology, in the framework of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate on Interactive and Cognitive Environments (EMJD ICE). You can find more details about our research projects, publications, and datasets.

The results of our projects are published in a PhD thesis entitled "Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining for Inquiry-Based Learning". 

Our team:

Mehrnoosh Vahdat
Luca Oneto
Davide Anguita
Mathias Funk
Matthias Rauterberg