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How Do Leaves Respond To The Seasons?

  • Plants live in a very special way.  Their bodies change throughout the year.

Can you describe how a tree changes throughout the four seasons? 

Take a look at this tree on the right.  What changes has this tree gone through?
Can you name any other kinds of changes in this picture?
 Leaves change through out the seasons.
Leaves go through changes that let them grow and make food.  These changes are called adaptations.
Leaves are important.  They make food for the plant.  However, leaves on a plant do not live forever. 
Try this leaf puzzle for fun.
Leaves change through out our four seasons:  "Spring", "Summer", "Fall" (Autumn), and "Winter".
Leaves begin to grow in Spring.  Leaves begin as "buds".  The bud opens and the tiny leaf's life begins.
Click the web to view opening buds and more.
As Spring and Summer move along, leaves continue to grow and make food for the plant. 
 Many plants use their green leaves to soak up sunlight. Then they turn it into food and oxygen. What is this process called?  Photosynthesis

When Fall, (Autumn), arrives leaves begin to change color. This means that they stop making food for the plant.
In Autumn the weather  becomes cooler and the leaves begin to change color.  The leaves begin to fall off the plants and trees and are getting ready for winter.
In winter most trees loose all of their leaves.
Crimson King Maple