Membership Benefits

LEARN Membership cards

Holiday Parties - Halloween & Valentine

Talent Show

Annual Homeschool Picnic & Reunion

*Teen events

*Weekly LEARN Gathering and co-op classes for all ages

*Graduation ceremony

*Microscope rental

Complimentary memberships to LEARN graduates

Complimentary memberships to LEARN families whose children have all graduated

(*) member discounts for these events

Description of Benefits

Membership cards

Paid members will receive 2 membership cards to access educator discounts at many local retailers

Annual Homeschool Picnic and Reunion

LEARN hosts a family picnic and reunion each summer. Our goal is to have fun while maintaining a connection with those families who have made LEARN a part of their lives regardless of whether or not they have continued to homeschool. Graduates and their families are welcome to attend free. Nonmembers are welcome to attend for an additional fee.

Teen events

The LEARN Teen group holds a variety of weekly social gatherings as well annual formal and informal dances. Members are invited to stay up to date about Teen activities through an email loop designated for this information. Youth can begin to participate in Teen activities one month prior to their 13th birthday.

Microscope Rental

LEARN owns a microscope and some accessories that are available to members to rent for $10/week with a $150 deposit. Contact if you are interested in renting either piece of equipment. Rental is to full LEARN members only


Each May, LEARN offers a memorable, personalized commencement ceremony to honor those transitioning into adulthood. Friends and family gather together to celebrate with those wishing to take part in what, for many, is a cultural rite of passage. A reception follows the commencement ceremony. Nonmembers are welcome to participate in the graduation ceremony for an additional fee.

LEARN Gathering and Classes

The weekly gathering and classes are held Wednesdays from 10 am - 3 pm. The whole family is welcome to come hang out. There are 2 ten week sessions offered each year - Fall and Spring. Membership in LEARN is not required for participation in this activity although a non-member fee will be assessed.

LEARN offers weekly classes on a wide variety of topics and interests. Some are professionally led, some are lay led, some are cooperatively led. Past offerings have included art, dance, music, creative writing, science, history, individual and group sports, and finance. Parents are encouraged to offer classes in their area of interest, although participation int he Gathering or classes does not require a that parent's offer anything. The class fee is determined by the convener. This is an all ages gathering for homeschool enrichment and socializing.

A few reminders:

Bring any food your family will need during your stay.


No play weapons are allowed at the gathering or classes.

This is not a drop off event.

You do not need to be enrolled in classes to participate in the gathering.

Park Days

After the completion of the Spring session at the LEARN Classes and Gathering, many families continue to gather at Loose Park during this time. Announcements about Park Day gatherings will be posted on various LEARN and Community email lists. Membership in LEARN is not required for this event.

Membership Fee

Membership years runs September 1- August 31 and costs $30 per family, prorated March 1st to $20

Complimentary memberships are offered to LEARN graduates and to those LEARN families who's children have all graduated. Financial assistance is available for both membership and events - we do not want anyone excluded based on their inability to pay.

How to Join

Access the following link and complete the form. Join LEARN

Email if you would like to have this form sent to you online.

If you prefer, you can print the form and mail it, with your payment, to:


4111 Warwick Blvd.

Kansas City, MO 64111

Payment can be made to PayPal (pay to or checks can be made payable to LEARN and mailed to the above address. Membership is not complete until both the registration form and payment have been received.

If you have any questions about membership in LEARN please contact