LEARN offers three membership options:

  1. Regular membership (for families in the KC Metro area) - $30/family/year - prorated beginning March 1 to $20 for the remainder of the year.
  2. Long distance membership (for those families living 50 miles or more outside the metro area) - $15/family/year
  3. Supporting membership (for those families whose children have all graduated but wish to remain in contact) - No charge

Membership runs from Sept 1 - August 30th of each year. All membership options offer the same benefits but the long distance membership is discounted to acknowledge that travel distances may prevent full use of all LEARN offerings.

Membership is not required for the occasional Support Group Meetings, weekly LEARN SCENE, Teen Formal and dances, nor the Annual Picnic & Reunion. For those activities and events where a fee is collected, membership discounts will apply; non-members may be able to attend, but non-member fees will apply.

If your family would like to discuss reduced fees or a payment plan please contact us at Members receive a discount for all LEARN sponsored activities where a fee is charged.

Benefits of LEARN membership

How to Join