The LEARN Homeschool Support Group was formed in January of 1995 when Seneca Gilbreath, Kelly Wilson, and Kriss Miller organized support for families who sought to educate their children at home for non-religious reasons. The group served approximately 10 families at its inception. Activities included monthly support group meetings as well as field trips and weekly gatherings. While Seneca moved on to other endeavors, Kelly and Kriss continued to oversee the growth of LEARN and the expansion of services.

After 10 years as a primary support for the secular community, LEARN had grown to include 250+ families from around the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area. With growth came challenges and it became apparent that there was a need for multiple groups to serve this population. After much painful deliberation, the leadership of LEARN realized that it needed to cease operation to encourage other organizations to form. Several secular or inclusive support groups organized as a result.

Recognizing a specific need for secular support for families new to homeschooling, LEARN was re-formed two years later, focused primarily on serving newcomers while maintaining its original Mission Statement. LEARN continues to expand to meet the needs of the secular homeschooling community by providing a variety of activities, and has begun connecting to other secular and inclusive support groups in Missouri and Kansas by organizing statewide activities. Through this network LEARN also hopes to assist in the education of State Legislators and the general public regarding the diversity of the homeschool community.

Kriss Miller continues to serve as a resource for LEARN while Board Members now manage the day to day business of the group.