Teen Group Membership and Code of Conduct

Membership is open only to LEARN members with teens aged 13 and older. To be added to the Teen Group email loop please send your request tokclearn@gmail.com

Code of Conduct:

  • We support the right of personal expression.
  • We respect every individual's sexual identity.
  • We support a person's religious and spiritual beliefs or lack thereof.
  • We believe that no one has the right to force their personal preferences onto others.
  • We believe that everyone should have the right to feel safe from unwanted physical contact, sexual harassment, intimidation, and ridicule.
  • We believe that no one should intentionally harm another person.
  • We believe in living by the golden rule: "Treat others as you would wish to be treated."


  • Be respectful of each other.
  • Respect the space we are using.
  • No alcohol
  • No illegal drugs
  • No smoking
  • No making out

*Code and rules created by a committee of teens at the formation of the Teen Group